Crowdfund for Suas partner schools.

Give now and you can help a child have an education this year.

Without  Sabuj Sangha and Development Action Society (DAS), thousands of Indian children like Hasif (pictured) would endure days filled with dangerous child labour or begging in the heat and dust of Kolkata's slums.

Instead, they can spend their days learning, playing and being children. Thanks to Suas supporters like you who donate to make DAS and Sabuj Sangha's education work possible.

Since day one, Suas has worked with Indian partners and people like you to help make an education possible for children. It's part of who we are.

We hope to be able to continue this commitment through 2016.

Funds are needed to help pay for six teaching centres - and education for 150 children - in 2016. We don't want to let a single child down - but we need your help

Gatoto Primary School is an oasis of learning in the Mukuru kwa Reuben slum in Nairobi. It’s a place of joy where girls and boys can escape the harshness of life in the slum. A place where children can be children for a few hours each day.

Without it, more than a thousand girls and boys would have little or no chance at an education and the brighter future that brings.

For the past decade, many of the girls and boys in Gatoto have depended on the generosity of Suas supporters like you to have this chance.

We hope to make this – and more – possible this year.

Funds are urgently needed to help pay for three teachers - and education for 165 girls and boys - in 2016. We can’t do it without you.

Children depend on our partner schools. And our partners depend on your support. That’s why we're running a Crowdfund for 2016. 

Please give today: 

  • Because your love and support shows girls and boys that they are just as valuable as any other child.
  • Because your support gives them the chance to be children and a chance at a better future.
  • Because you can help give a child a life-changing gift this Christmas. The gift of education.

When you donate you can also send your best wishes to partner schools and children on the form -  we'll make sure they get there.