Zambia, The Challenge

Despite high primary school attendance, literacy rates amongst Zambian schoolchildren remain low - especially for girls. 

This is why we're bringing our Fast forward Programme to central Zambia - aiming to increase quality educational opportunities for schoolchildren.

Fast Forward Launches into Zambia

In 2015 we launched our Fast Forward Programme in central Zambia. We work in non-formal community schools - which are some of the countries most disadvantaged and under resourced.

Zambia's primary curriculum is as ambitious as any other. But in many community schools girls and boys are being taught in bare rooms with little or no resources.  Often teachers struggle with classes of 100 or more schoolchildren. Despite their best efforts delivering quality education is nearly impossible.

How We Help

Fast Forward is supporting teachers to deliver quality educational content via Teaching & Learning Tablets and projectors. We also empower teachers to overcome the challenges they face by facilitating ongoing training sessions.

During these sessions, teachers learn how to access lesson plans on the tablets. They're also guided to where they can find supplementary materials and an array of inspirational content to enhance their daily classes. Training also includes classroom techniques teachers need to work more effectively - covering group-centred learning, classroom management, gender equality and more.

Fast Forward Into the Future

With the lessons we've learned in 2016, we plan to scale up the Fast Forward Programme in Zambia in 2017. 

Our aim is to give even more teachers and their students opportunities to excel and overcome the challenges they face.

Our work in 2016 is supported by volunteers from Marino Institute of Education in Dublin.