About Suas

At Suas, our vision is a world where all young people have the opportunity to realise their full potential in life and the capability to create positive change in their society.  We are working towards a world where all children have access to education as a right, and have access to a high quality education that gives them the opportunity to learn so that, as literate young people, they can avoid the vicious circle of poverty that has entrapped them and their families for generations. We see education as key to social transformation, and the first and most important step in changing lives.

Why we do what we do
Progress has been made in recent years in reducing the number of the world’s children who don’t attend primary school, down from 67 million in 2009 to around 57 million in 2011, but it is acknowledged that increased access to education has not been accompanied by improvements in the quality of the education that these children are receiving. Education is a human right, and education has been proven to reduce child mortality, reduce child labour and child marriages, increase earning potential, and develop better life skills. All these factors enable developing countries to become less dependent on external aid.

How we do it

Since our beginnings, Suas has provided children in disadvantaged communities the opportunity of a quality education and the potential to improve their chances in life. Our programmes impact the quality of education that these children access as we work with our Partners to provide the children themselves and their teachers with supports that improve reading skills as a means to increase their interest in learning and education. The children then become able to see a wider range of roles or jobs that they can consider as they grow up, opening up the chance to move out of the poverty trap that they and their families are currently in.