Brigid O’Dea: Standing Out

A BENGALI PROVERB ‘Kôm panir machh besh panite uţhle o machhe beshi lafalafi kôre’ If a fish of little water moves to a lot of water, that fish will jump around a lot; meaning one will always stand out if they move to a place to which they don’t belong!

Nick Ledbetter: The life of a Team Coordinator

Having volunteered for 3 months with Suas with Kenya in 2007, I thought long and hard about returning to the programme, albeit in a different role. The culmination of my professional exams and the natural break in my career offered a window to immerse myself in a completely different environment to the big corporation where […]

Simon Walsh: A day in the life of a Sabuj Sangha Volunteer

Wake up. Sweat. Get out of bed. Sweat. Shower. Sweat. Not just a standard start, but a guaranteed start to a day in Kolkata. Mornings are hectic. Thirteen Volunteers milling around, trying to get ready for the day. Leave the house. Stop off at the shop across the road. Get the supplies for the day. […]

Cathy Gormley : A Galway Mentor’s Perspective

Back in September 2011, as I curiously wandered round the NUIG volunteering fair like all first years do, I encountered the Suas stand. I was interested in the Literacy Support Programme/Homework Club. After speaking to Evelyn, the mentor coordinator, I decided to give the programme a go. I didn’t really know what to expect at […]

Claire Glavey: Developing a new perspective

When I applied for the role of Development Coordinator, I was working in human rights and development education. I worked part-time with Amnesty International on resource development and teacher training programmes. I also worked part-time with Link Community Development recruiting schools and teachers for development education programmes, designing teaching materials and running workshops.

Cathy Howlett: Sharing the Journey

Sitting here in the 40 degree heat with the sound of children’s laughter drifting towards me on the light breeze, Ireland really could not feel further away. The view from the balcony belongs in a Kipling story, the lush greens and the dense waters inviting awe. Inside, Team Sundarbans sit around the table drawing and […]