Partner With Us

Children who don’t learn to read, write and communicate effectively at primary school are more likely to leave school early.

They’re more likely to be unemployed or in low-skilled jobs. And they’re more likely to have health problems, both emotional and physical.

Sadly, these children are also more likely to end up in poverty, or even in our prisons.In schools serving disadvantaged areas (DEIS schools) as many as one in three children leave school with serious literacy difficulties. 

We know that simple interventions can improve literacy, and help children rise to these challenges. 

We are looking to partner with companies that believe that every child deserves to leave school with the basic literacy skills they need to reach their full potential.

Why We Need Companies Like Yours

Since 2008, demand from DEIS schools for our Ireland Education Programme has increased each year. Unfortunately the demand is greater than we can meet. We've had to turn away several partner schools - and children who needed help - because of a lack of funding and volunteer numbers.


During our partnership we would encourage you to provide volunteer hours for your staff and encourage them to spend an hour a week, over an eight week period, reading with a schoolchild in a partner school. Mentors are paired with a schoolchild which helps build a relationship between your staff and the schoolchildren, and helps build the confidence of the children participating in the programme.

Becoming a Partner of Suas

If you're interested in finding out how your company can partner with Suas - and make a lasting difference in children's lives - please contact our Fundraising Manager Jennifer at [email protected] / 01 662 1400.