The Fast Forward Programme

Fast Forward logoIn Suas our vision is a world where children can access quality education. A world where all girls and boys can develop the skills they need to thrive in our global, digital world. We know that basic education is vital, but without 21st century skills many children - especially girls - are being denied opportunities for a better life.

To work towards this vision we've developed the Fast Forward Programme - currently being delivered in Kenya and Zambia. Through Fast Forward we're working in collaboration with Sub-Saharan schools and communities to help children succeed in the 21st century.

Fast Forward is offering girls and boys more than just primary education -  it's giving them and their teachers the skills they need and deserve for a brighter future.

Why Fast Forward?

In many developing countries schools have limited teaching and learning resources - often bare walls, no schoolbooks and community members acting as teachers. Despite attending school everyday children, especially girls, are finishing school without the skills and knowledge they need. 

The barriers to quality education are many – but our Fast Forward Programme is offering a model that can be replicated, localised and sustained.

4 Key Barriers to Quality Education graph

The Core of Fast Forward

The core of Fast Forward involves the use of low-cost, solar-powered tablets for both teachers and students - loaded with entire primary school curricula in local languages. The tablets act as a solution to schoolbooks that date and damage quickly. 

But technology alone is not the answer – a key focus of Fast Forward is teacher-training sessions and the development of professional support networks. To us teachers are agents of change – and we know that one well-trained teacher can change the lives of many.

For that reason Fast Forward focuses on training teachers in practical teaching methods alongside leadership, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Empowering them in the classroom to ultimately become the agents of change their students need. For students - girls clubs, intensive literacy support and other initiatives further positively impact their learning and growth.

Throughout the entire Fast Forward Programme local community and international Suas volunteers are offering their support every step of the way.

Image of Saoirse McCann the  International Education Projects Manager

Questions? Email Saoirse at [email protected]