Student Tablets

  • Low cost android tablets loaded with the entire Zambian primary curriculum, all grades & subjects (now adapted for use in Kenya)
  • Does not require internet connection
  • English and 7 other languages of instruction
  • Can be solar or mains charged, durable rubber casing
  • Lots of additional features such as paint etc (wifi can be used if available)
  • Headsets and cable splitters to allow students to work in pairs on tablets
Interface of student learning tablet

Teachers Tablets

Contain all of the content and features contained on students tablets plus:

  • 1000s of lesson plans covering each grade and subject
  • Attachable keyboard and open office software allowing teachers to use word, powerpoint and excel
  • Additional features for teachers such as wikipedia for schools (offline) etc to enhance lesson planning
Teachers with learning tablets in Fast Forward teaching session


  • A durable, projector is provided with each package
  • Projectors can be solar or mains powered
  • 600 lumens for extra brightness in dark /unclean walls characteristic of disadvantaged schools
  • Allows for teacher led discussions, video stories and interactive quizzes
Teacher using projector in the class room


  • In areas where we work, solar is critical to ensure power because infrastructure can be weak - for example Central Zambia experiences rolling 12 hour power outages
  • Tablets are stored in a charging unit which is housed in a secure location in the school, such as the principal’s office
  • Two keys are required to open the charging case, which are kept by principal and head teacher
  • Tablets are charged after school each day and collected by teachers each morning
  • Solar can be expanded as the programme develops to provide additional lighting for classrooms etc
Solar panel used to power learning tablets