The Ideas Collective, Making Change Happen

We’re living in a time of rapid change, uncertainty and worldwide unrest. Global problems such as the refugee crisis, climate change and inequality affects us all. Worryingly our leaders don’t seem to have the answers...

But here's the thing - we're also living in a time where we have incredible opportunities for change! Big strides are being made for equality both in Ireland and around the world. We're resourceful, connected people who want to make a lasting difference.

If you're tired of just talking about problems and want to make change happen then you need The Ideas Collective.

The Ideas Collective will support and guide you, as you:

  • Use your talents to make your ideas for change a reality
  • Design effective ways to engage other people and create innovative solutions to global and local issues
  • Learn from experts and each other
  • Get the additional tools and support you need to succeed as a change-maker!

Come with your idea for change, or take up one of The Idea Collective challenges. If we don’t step up to help solve the problems our world is facing, who will? 

We offer two versions of The Ideas Collective, click and learn more.


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Image of Claire Faithorn The Ideas Collective Manager

Questions? Email Claire at [email protected]