Why Literacy?

Literacy is the cornerstone of all learning and fundamental if we are to achieve our mission of all children having the opportunity to affect positive change in their societies.

The Need

Over the last two decades, national education policies and international aid for education have mainly focused on improving access to primary school and completion rates, and despite huge progress 793 million people across the globe lack the ability to read and write. In Ireland and Overseas, studies have shown that children who do not learn to read, write and communicate effectively at primary level are more likely to leave school early, be unemployed or in low-skilled jobs, have poorer emotional and physical health and are more likely to end up in poverty and in prison. The resultant impact on society is not just economic but also results in a negative effect on children's achievement of their full human potential.

Our Approach

We provide direct literacy support tailored to the specific needs of the countries and school children involved. Working in partnership with schools and community organisations, we recruit and train volunteers and mentors to deliver these projects. Our approach to each literacy intervention is holistic and tailored to the specific needs of the countries where we work, and the communities we work with. All of our Literacy Programmes are implemented by engaging with local partners, teachers, schools, families, communities and volunteers.

All of our literacy programmes are rigorously assessed. We have developed simple tools for teachers, students and volunteers and we have consistently achieved positive learning outcomes for children. Another key element of all our Literacy programmes is engaging volunteers from the local and international community. In Ireland, India and Kenya, teachers are often struggling with a lack of resources to provide the required support to improve literacy outcomes for children.

Volunteer Support

The use of Voluntary support has been a key part of our success, whether through the Overseas Volunteer Programme or those volunteering as mentors in Ireland. Volunteers are trained by Suas to provide a quality service tailored to the needs of the communities and schools in which they work. This service provided to partners and children connects directly to our Global Citizenship Programmes, and is in keeping with our values of collaboration, volunteering and promoting a learn-learn relationship.
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