Volunteer in Ireland

We’ve just rounded up our spring term of projects for our Literacy Support Programme!

So far this year, 335 schoolchildren have taken part in our Literacy Support Programme in five cities across Ireland. 403 volunteer mentors provided children with one-to-one support with their reading.

Our projects are proven to help children who are struggling to improve their rate of reading. Seven out of ten children who took part in a Paired Reading project saw their rate of reading increase by 100%.

Why we do it

One in ten children leave Irish primary schools with serious literacy difficulties. In schools in disadvantaged areas this can rise to one in three. Poor literacy skills are linked to absenteeism in school, exclusion and even social consequences such as alcohol or drug abuse and increased health risks. We know there are ways to improve literacy and reduce these risks.

What’s involved

Suas Literacy Support Programme provides direct learning support to school children aged between eight and fourteen. We partner with DEIS schools (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in School) to deliver the projects to children who are struggling with their reading.
Students are paired with mentors who are able to provide one-to-one support in a learning environment that is familiar and comfortable for the students.
We have two projects, Paired Reading and AcceleRead AcceleWrite that we deliver in partner schools.

Paired ReadingAcceleRead AcceleWrite
Paired Reading mentor and participantStudent using text to speech technology
Paired Reading involves a one to one reading session (1.5hrs) with the same child once a week for 5 weeks.AcceleRead AcceleWrite involves one-to-one session (30 mins) 4 times a week for 5 weeks using a computer with text to speech software.

What we look for

We are looking for lots of enthusiastic volunteer mentors so we can help lots of children.

Because we run these projects in partnerships with schools, we don’t deliver any projects over the summer months. If you would like to get involved in Autumn, please fill out the form below. We’ll let you know when we are looking for volunteers!