The 8×8 Festival, Adjust Your Focus

Since 2013, The 8x8 Festival has been bringing award-winning photography and film to campuses across Ireland every autumn. Designed, developed and delivered by students - for students - the festival is a great way to learn more about the burning issues shaping the world around us.

Last year's students decided on the theme No Two People Have The Same Story, exploring the myths and misconceptions that surround migrant issues. They developed an outdoor photo exhibition, screened documentary films and hosted a range of events on their campuses.

The 8x8 Festival reached over 13,000 people at 7 different campuses in 2016 - and we can't wait to do it all again this year! If you'd like to stay updated about 8x8 events coming to your campus, or if you'd like to get involved with organising this year's festival, click below to find out more.

Image of Emma Sommers The 8x8 Festival Manager

 Questions? Email Emma at [email protected]