Suas Educational Development, ABC One in Three Campaign

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We're Calling on the Business Community to Help Us Combat Literacy Difficulties!

By becoming a partner of our 'ABC One in Three' campaign your business can make a lasting difference in your community.

You will help provide struggling learners with one-to-one Mentor support. In addition to learning your staff may inspire a child from a disadvantage background in her or his future. Your company will be responsible for changing lives!

One in ten children in Irish schools have serious difficulty with reading or writing. This figure can rise to one in three in some disadvantaged schools. To tackle this, we partner with disadvantaged schools to deliver our Ireland Education Programme. We work with schoolchildren from 8 to 14 years who struggle with their reading and writing – the basic foundations for their future successes.

The Programme pairs a girl or boy with a Literacy Mentor. Literacy Mentors come from various backgrounds and industries  - corporate and company staff volunteers,  third level students and community volunteers. Mentors are giving the support, practice and confidence a schoolchild needs to become more self-dependent in their reading and writing.

The Programme offers you and your staff really rewarding volunteering opportunities. Alternatively, we can source volunteers for you. Check out Shane and Stephen's video on the right, to see first-hand how worthwhile the programme is for both Mentor and child. 

We're offering you the opportunity to partner with us and a DEIS school. There are three levels of support available - A, B and C. Each level will provide a girl or boy from a disadvantaged school with life-changing skills, fund the training of Mentors, cover the cost of workbooks and resource materials. Click A, B or C below to see what your company can achieve!

What €15,000 achieves

What €10,000 achieves

What €5,000 achieves