AcceleRead AcceleWrite

Schoolchildren from Stanhope Street, Dublin City

Schoolchildren from Stanhope Street, Dublin City

AcceleRead AcceleWrite is a structured phonics exercise. Mentors and schoolchildren work one-to-one using a computer with text-to-speech software to improve reading, writing, spelling, and listening skills of schoolchildren who are experiencing literacy difficulties. The mentor is partnered with the same schoolchild each morning in order to build a strong working relationship.

The text to speech aspect gives the child constant speech feedback on what they are typing to help develop associations between letters and their corresponding sounds. The approach encourages the participant to pause and reflect on their own writing and self-correct. It gives them control over their own learning. The mentor supports the schoolchild in this process and provides additional correction where needed.


4 mornings per week for 5 weeks (usually first thing in the morning for 30 minutes)