The Greatest Gift

Little stars need a big star like you!

You can do something truly remarkable. You can gift a child in Ireland the greatest gift they’ll ever receive – the gift of literacy. One-in-three children in disadvantaged communities in Ireland have serious difficulties with reading. One-in-five children have serious difficulties with maths. With your support, Suas can provide intensive one-to-one support for a child who is struggling in the classroom. 

Helping a child become literate at an early age is as powerful as giving them a secure home and positive relationships. It’s as critical as – or maybe more critical than – their family having a living income. 

It’s the key that opens all the important doors to life.

Here’s how

By making a once-off donation of just €199 you will invest in securing the future of a child living in disadvantage. Your help means we will be able to identify a child at risk and work one-to-one with them throughout the year – offering them the chance at a brighter future.

After donating, we’ll send you a link to a beautiful certificate with details of all you’ll make possible. If you are donating on behalf of someone else you can print and share this with them, letting them know that you chose to change a young life on their behalf!

Just €199 to Give the Gift of Numerical Literacy

Just €199 to Give the Gift of Literacy

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