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You can make a difference in a child’s life

Here’s how you can get involved


In just 7–8 weeks, you could help a child make real, tangible progress in reading or maths.

Our volunteers say there is no better feeling in the world than seeing their students learn and grow in confidence.

Make a donation

Our work with children in disadvantaged communities in Ireland is funded by the generosity of people like you.

You can support us in our mission to reach 10,000 children in Ireland over the next three years by providing a monthly or once-off donation.

One in ten children in Ireland has serious difficulties with literacy.
In some disadvantaged schools, this rises to one in three children.
About one in four teenage boys in Ireland lacks the literacy skills to function effectively in society.


To date, we’ve helped over 3,300 children from the most disadvantaged communities in Ireland to improve their literacy skills through one-to-one mentoring and learning materials

Last year, the average rate of reading progress for the children we supported was 250%.

With your help, we believe we can reach 10,000 children in the most disadvantaged schools in Ireland over the next three years.

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