Paired Reading Mentor

During Paired Reading sessions, the mentor and schoolchild read out loud together. The mentor controls and adjusts the speed, to harmonise the reading. This technique improves flow and fluency, while also allowing the child to enjoy a story with their mentor.

Throughout the session the mentor offers praise for correct reading and encourages the child to read alone.

Research shows that Paired Reading is most effective when delivered in short, frequent, one-to-one sessions. mentors and schoolchildren work for eight weeks on books chosen by the child.


  • Programme delivered over eight weeks - one session hour per week.
  • In primary schools the session hour is broken into two half hours – allowing a mentor to work with two schoolchildren during the hour.
  • In secondary schools a mentor reads with one schoolchild for the full session.

AcceleRead AcceleWrite Mentor

During AcceleRead AcceleWrite sessions mentors and schoolchildren use computers with text-to-speech software. Text-to-speech converts typed text into spoken voice output. It allows the child to recognise associations between letters and their corresponding sounds. 

A mentor is partnered with the same child for the duration of the Programme, helping to build a stronger, more trusting relationship. 

Photo: Michael O'Sullivan/OSM Photography

The approach encourages the child to pause and reflect on their writing. It also empowers through self-correction. The mentor supports giving correction when needed, but ultimately the child has control over their own learning. 


  • Four mornings per week for five weeks (usually first thing in the morning for 30 minutes).