We had a quick chat with Lucy and Emma who were part of The Ideas Collective 2016.

To help address the isolation and exclusion faced by those living in Direct Provision centres in Dublin they developed their idea – Connect More Dublin. The project raises awareness of the Direct Provision system and organises outings and activities in and around Dublin city. Their hope for the future of Connect More Dublin is to introduce a  buddy system that will encourage greater integration between asylum seekers and others in Dublin.

What was the issue bugging you that brought you to The Ideas Collective?

For myself and Emma it was the treatment of people seeking asylum in Ireland. 

Connect More Dublin, The Ideas Collective, Suas Educational Development

What’s the difference between someone who gets off their arse to act for change and someone who doesn’t?

It’s caring about a cause, of course, but it’s also having the confidence to go out and try. 

What was the hardest part of The Ideas Collective experience?

Deciding what would be the best direction for our project – we had so, so many ideas. Eventually we decided on one based on input from The Ideas Collective. 

And the best?

The best part was being around people who wanted to be the change. It was so energising to be around. We made connections with people in the activist community and also found self-belief to try. 

Were the other people sound?

Haha, yes! The Ideas Collective gives you a great support network and a feeling that you’re part of a community. It made our project seem achievable and gave us the tools to build on what’s already within us

If The Ideas Collective was a biscuit, which biscuit would it be and why?

A Jammy dodger. A mix of different things sandwiched together that just works 🙂 

Could you have an idea as great as Connect More Dublin in you? Join The Ideas Collective and find out – applications are open!

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