Online Reading Buddy Programme

Suas Educational Development is partnering with Camara Education Ireland to bring you our Online Reading Buddy programme which provides one-to-one literacy support to children aged between 8 – 12 years using a remote volunteering approach. 

How it works?

Simply put, volunteers and children log on to a safe and secure hosting site and read a book chosen by the child. Through this one-to-one support, we aim to improve children’s word reading and comprehension skills, and also build their confidence in reading. 

Each programme involves a minimum of 6 children and 6 volunteers, and sessions will be for 30 minutes, twice a week for 8 weeks, beginning mid-April and finishing early/mid June. The programme takes place within school hours. 

Applications are now open

If your school is interested in taking part, please read below for more detail. 

Items 1 – 3 are necessary requirements, and items 4 and 5 are desirable.

Appoint a session supervisor:

This must be a staff member who is available to lead the organisation, set-up and supervision of sessions. This staff member must be available to supervise each 30 minute session and be available 20 minutes prior to set up IT. Some experience of IT is desirable but full training will be provided. 

Provide a quiet space:

The programme should be held in a room that is quiet and spacious enough for 6 – 8 children to work individually without distraction. Tables and chairs should be provided for sessions.

Stable Wi-Fi connection:

As the programme will take place online, a stable Wi-Fi connection is essential to ensure children and volunteers can work together effectively.

Hardware (computers /laptops /tablets) with camera function:

A device will be needed for each child involved in the programme. A camera is essential to ensure children and volunteers can see each other. 

Headsets with microphone:

Headsets, ideally with noise cancelling, will be needed to ensure children are not distracted and volunteers can hear children clearly with minimum noise pollution.

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Classroom set up:

Volunteer set up:

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