Partha first attended the Sabuj Kunri Centre, run by our partners Sabuj Sangha and funded by Suas, at age 6. With his father’s sudden departure from the family home and lots of siblings to raise, Partha’s mother focused on earning money to feed her family, leaving home early each morning meant Partha spent much of his day roaming the streets and train station platform aimlessly.

Partha with his teacher

Partha with his teacher

In 2001, Sabuj Kunri teachers met Pratha while conducting a routine community survey. Although apprehensive at first, he and his mother agreed for Pratha to be sent to Sabuj Kunri Bridge Centre (a non-formal centre that provides preparatory education to children who have never been to school, these centres aim to “bridge” the gap to mainstream schools) to be part of a course that would feed in to formal school the following year. It was hard for Partha at first, he was afraid to go to class, he was nervous, cried a lot and did not want to leave his mother but gradually, with the help and support of his teachers at the centre, he began to enjoy every aspect of the course attended happily.

After a year Partha was admitted to a government school near to his home and additional educational support was provided to him through Suas during his schooling at the Sabuj Kunri Coaching Centre (providing support to children who are in mainstream formal education, a place for students to do their home work, study and receive one-on-one tutoring).

Partha is now a first year college student. He attends classes regularly and enjoys this new phase of his life often visiting Sabuj Kunri Centre, a place that 12 years ago gave Partha the opportunity for his life to take a very different path.

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