Your Role as a Volunteer


"Having teaching assistants in my school was very helpful, the children gained 
great confidence in English" - Gargi, Teacher, Mukulbithi School, Kolkata

The main role of Suas Volunteers is to act as a support to local teachers, bringing new ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the centres they are working in. As well as English, past volunteers have also taught a range of subjects including Maths, Science, Music, Art, Drama and Life Skills and been involved in extra-curricular projects such as Sports, Children's Parliament, Coaching and Choir.

You will be building on the work of annual Suas Volunteer Programmes since 2002, contributing to sustainable and ongoing change. The benefit that volunteers have added has proven to be hugely valuable for teachers and children. In 2014 89% of children tested showed marked improvement in English language skills over the course of the Volunteer Programme.

“The teachers have really gained confidence in taking classes in English. Also, we can see that the children have tremendously shown improvement in their academics through the regular remedial classes, which were taken by the volunteers.” Pratishtha Singh, Project Coordinator, Shine Foundation – Delhi.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller

On the programme you will live and work in groups of 8-12 Volunteers with a Team Leader. Each team is assigned a local partner organisation to work with and Volunteers will normally be divided into teaching pairs. You will meet other people interested in positive change, learn how to work together effectively as a team, and achieve more than you possibly could alone.


The programme is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain new experiences and learn from a new culture. The Global Perspectives strand of the programme allows you to develop your knowledge and understanding of global issues and locate your experiences in the wider context.

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