Suas works with our partner schools and NGOs in Ireland, India and Zambia to provide educational support to children in disadvantaged communities. We are driven by a simple but powerful belief that literacy changes everything.

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on Suas’ and our partners’ work in recent months.

In Ireland, our Reading Buddy and Maths Buddy programmes in disadvantaged schools were necessarily suspended when schools closed. We are now piloting online reading and maths support programmes with 280 children in our partner schools with a view to expanding this support to more children and schools in the autumn. We have also provided books for over 200 children and tips for their parents on how to support their children with their reading at home. We are continuing to explore all opportunities to support children in disadvantaged schools in the circumstances, and we will be finalising our plans for the 2020-2021 school year in the coming months.  

In Zambia, the current phase of our Fast Forward education programme for children in disadvantaged schools was just coming to an end when the outbreak occurred. Schools remain closed for all children except children who are due to take state examinations. We are currently working with our partner Zambia Open Community Schools to explore supports that can be provided to children when schools fully reopen.   

Each year Suas recruits, trains and deploys volunteers to work with our partner schools and NGOs in India and Zambia on the Suas Volunteer Programme. Volunteers provide short-term support to our partners and develop their understanding of the issues affecting their communities. We cancelled the deployment of volunteers to India and Zambia this summer due to the health and safety risks posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we have worked with our volunteers and partner schools and NGO to identify action projects that volunteers can support from a distance. Our volunteers will also develop their understanding of global issues and how they can take action through an online programme that will take place over summer 2020.

While the Coronavirus outbreak is incredibly challenging for our partners and is worsening the educational inequality that already existed, we have been struck by the passion of schools and NGOs in the circumstances, and we’re working with them to respond to the crisis. We are grateful for the support that we have received to date and grateful for any additional support that can be provided over the coming months. If you would like to support, you can make a donation through our COVID-19 CRISIS APPEAL below, or contact us at this email address: [email protected]

We will continue to share updates on our programmes here on our website.


Our teams are working around the clock to provide support to our partners overseas and in Ireland at this time. 

This is an urgent appeal for donations to help support our services.

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