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Suspended Until Further Notice

Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 on host communities, partners and volunteers, Suas will not deploy volunteers in 2021.

We continue to monitor the situation and re-invent parts of the programme. 

To register your interest in future programmes, fill in your details below and when recruitment opens up, you will be contacted.

At A Glance

  • Volunteer as a teaching assistant in India or Zambia
  • Support the work of our partner NGOs and schools
  • 6 and 10 week volunteering placements from June to August 2020
  • No previous teaching experience required
  • Live and work in teams of 8-12 volunteers
  • Internationally recognised* training and support throughout programme.

*Suas has been certified by the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative as having proven European standards in volunteer management.


Responsible Volunteering

Suas works with partner NGOs in India and partner schools in Zambia. These partnerships have been built over many years and we work to support them in their work in tackling educational disadvantage. Our partners are the experts in the challenges faced by their communities and  Suas volunteers work in service to them on placement from June-August each year. As a Suas volunteer, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the local community and experience reciprocal learning and cooperation. The impact of the volunteer programme has lasting effects far beyond the length of the placement:


  • Make a real difference in the education of children in disadvantaged communities and in schools and teaching centres with few resources.
  • Our sustainable model of ongoing partner support means that our partner organisations continue to receive support from Suas long after the volunteers leave the placement.
  • The shared experience and friendships formed amongst teams has lasting effects on volunteers in their future lives and careers.

Global Perspectives

A central pillar of the Suas Volunteer Programme is Global Perspectives. This is the global citizenship element of the programme that aims to educate volunteers about the issues at play that effect us at a local and global level. It informs and empowers volunteers to take action so that the volunteer experience acts as a catalyst for social change and has an influence long after the eight week placement is over. Topics covered are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and include education, climate action, gender equality, health, decent work and living conditions and more. It takes the form of:


  • Facilitated workshops during pre-departure training.
  • Weekly facilitated sessions with your team during placement. 
  • Global Perspectives Week: One week in the middle of placement dedicated to global citizenship workshops, field trips to local NGOs  and expert guest speakers.

Read first hand accounts from our previous volunteers

Colm O'Brien
Maria Dawe
Daniel Mullane
Shónagh Smith
Living and working with a team of fellow young volunteers from Ireland, you’ll help change the lives of girls and boys in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. You’ll get first-hand experience of life in a developing country, gain on-the-ground insights into global development issues and advance your own personal and professional skills.
You’ll see, learn and experience things you never have before.
You're in safe hands

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our volunteers, and we have a wide range of supports in place while you are overseas to keep you safe. Our training is recognised as being among the best in Ireland, as well as at EU level.

  • Pre-Departure training prepares you for all the challenges you’ll face while on placement. This includes Health, Safety & Security, team building, language & teaching.
  • While on placement you will have a dedicated Coordinator leading your team, as well as expert medical and spychological support and full insurance cover.
  • Our Return Day when you come home helps you reflect on and unpack your experiences on the programme, and think about ways to keep making change happen.
Making change happen together

The Suas Volunteer Programme gives young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people to make change happen together. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and through service to others, you will find a common understanding and become empowered to take action on issues back home in Ireland. Join Suas you will become part of a network of over 1,300 people for whom the programme was a catalyst for change in their lives and societies. We build teams of volunteers through a comprehensive training process so that they can become greater than the sum of their parts and have a greater impact than they ever could alone.

Experience a different point of view
The volunteer programme is not a holiday. Every aspect of the programme challenges you and pushes you out of your comfort zone. The work is demanding but the benefits of doing the programme are truly life-changing. You will not only effect positive change by working as a teaching assistant, but you will learn a huge amount too. The Global Perpsectives strand of the programme, which includes weekly global issues sessions, as well as a full week of workshops, seminars and field trips in the middle of your placement, helps you understand the complex and interconnected issues you encounter on placement, and how they relate to issues at home.
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