Volunteer Fundraising

Fundraising your participation fee

Each person who accepts a place on the 2015 Volunteer Programme must commit to raising a minimum of €2995; this is in addition to the non-refundable deposit of €180, required to secure your place on the Programme.

What does the €2995 cover?

The €2995 covers your: flights, accommodation, training costs, “Global Perspectives” expenses, coordinator and in-country support, as well as a contribution towards the running costs of the Programme.

While this may seem like a a large sum initially, Suas provides a comprehensive fundraising support package to help you to reach your target. Indeed, many of our past Volunteers have managed to well exceed their participation fee, with all extra funds raised going directly to the Partners. In 2013, Volunteers raised an additional €23,000 which made a huge difference towards supporting Partner projects in India.

To put this in to context:

  • €2,170 is the estimated cost of running one education centre for an entire year. This includes: teacher salaries, school uniforms, educational materials and a mid-day meal for each student, as well as health check-ups and extra-curricular opportunities (€70 per child annually).
  • €310 is the average cost of providing educational materials to an education centre for one year (€10 per child annually).

Suas is committed to supporting all of its Volunteers with their fundraising and working with you to ensure that the fundraising process is both beneficial and enjoyable.

Fundraising Support

Fundraising Manual 2013.inddSuas supports Volunteers through the provision of materials and on-going support from the office. Once you begin fundraising you can expect to received the following:

  • A practical guide to fundraising.
  • Sponsorship cards.
  • Details of how to set-up a donation page on mycharity.ie
  • Sample letters to schools and businesses.
  • Stock images and videos.
  • Suas T-shirts and buckets.
  • Standard event poster template.

On-going support from the Suas office (February - May):

  • Support and advice from the Suas Fundraising Manager.
  • Specific fundraising sessions at the preparation weekends.  These include: project organisation, event planning, time-management and goal setting.
  • Monthly updates.

Fundraising can be a challenge, however we have found in the past that once you start early the target is very achievable. Suas will do its utmost to support you with your fundraising and work with you to ensure that you make the best use of your networks.

What is not covered?

There are a number of additional costs that are not covered in the participation fee that Volunteers will be responsible for. These include:

  • Visas - Volunteers will need to obtain a Visa for India at least 6 weeks before departure. The cost of this visa is approximately €95.
  • Vaccinations - Volunteers will need to complete a course of vaccinations and submit a signed GP completion form by May 3rd. The cost of these vaccines vary depending on your health centre and whether you choose to get the optional vaccines (Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis etc.). Using the Travel Health Clinic, the cost for the standard set of vaccinations (including consultations) is approximately €200.
  • Malaria Tablets - Volunteers are required to take malaria tablets for the duration of the Placement. The cost of these tablets varies greatly from brand to brand but you can expect to pay between €85 - €300 for a three month course, depending on which tablet you choose to take.
  • Living Costs - Volunteers will be responsible for paying their own living costs. This includes food, leisure, transport etc. This cost varies depending on placement and location.