Suas Volunteer Programme, What’s the Story?

What was the story of your summer? Was it different, was it one you'll never forget? Why not let the Suas Volunteer Programme be part of your summer and when you look back you'll be able to say you were part of something life-changing!

Since 2002 the Suas Volunteer Programme has trained and sent over 1,100 young people to India, Kenya and Zambia to work alongside our partner schools and organisations as teaching assistants. Our volunteers come from a wide range of disciplines. With many going on to use the skills and experiences they've gained to enhance their careers and to continue making positive social change.

The Volunteer Programme is a unique opportunity. Living and working with a team of fellow volunteers, you'll get first-hand experience of life in a developing country. You'll gain a deeper understanding of global development issues while advancing your own personal and professional skills. Through education you'll help change the lives of girls and boys in some of the world's most disadvantaged communities. You'll see, learn and experience things you never have before!

What's New?

After a successful Zambian pilot in 2016, we're sending three teams to new schools in Zambia in 2017. This year we're also working with a new partner in Kolkata, The Thoughtshop Foundation. This will be our first six-week placement in India, and all other placements in India will be for 10 weeks.

What Are You Waiting For?

Apply now to begin the adventure of a lifetime!