Our Values

We pride ourself as a values based organisation. We aim to ensure that all our programmes and practices are in line with our core values and ways of working:

  1. We use a rights based approach to ensure children and young people can realise their rights to education and live free of discrimination; in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 1, 2 and 26) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  2. Respect and diversity is embraced within Suas and in our wider community. We believe that respect should be at the centre of all our relationships with programme participants, partners and the communities we serve.
  3. We aim to deliver the highest standards of accountability to our stakeholders, partners and communities they serve. We do this through accurate and detailed financial reports and programme results.
  4. We promote collaboration and encourage staff, volunteers, mentors, partners and stakeholders to collaborate and combine knowledge; helping effective delivery of our programmes.
  5. We bring integrity, fairness, professionalism and a strict code of ethics to our donors, agencies, partners and the communities that we serve. 
  6. We foster open, clear discussion and communication to encourage a willingness to speak up and to be listened to. This happens within a framework of mutual respect and understanding.
  7. Our staff work to high standards and are empowered to continue to develop their personal and professional growth and effectiveness.

Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy has been designed to increase the understanding of our staff, volunteers and partners around child protection issues. While also providing good practice guidelines for anyone who works with children and young people. It's aim is  to ensure a consistent response in dealing with children and what to do when a concern about possible abuse arises.

Suas Child Protection Policy is reviewed annually.

Whistleblowing Policy

Our Anti Fraud and Wrongdoing Whistleblowing Policy is designed to ensure Suas staff have the opportunity to report fraud or wrongdoing within the organisation. Provided they are acting in good faith, they will not be penalised by virtue of having made a report. The policy's primary purpose is to protect staff who seek to protect the public.

The Suas Anti Fraud and Wrongdoing Whistleblowing Policy is reviewed periodically.

Principles and Codes

We're committed to the highest possible standards of openness, transparency and accountability in all our work. To help us deliver on this we are signatories to the following policies, codes and best practices. Click on the logos for more.

For additional reading on on policies and codes go to our Governance page.

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