Where We Work

Suas programmes operate in Ireland, India and Kenya; with planned expansion in Eastern and Southern Africa.

In Ireland, our activities include:

Literacy Support Programme: Operating in Cork, Dublin and Galway since 2008; the programme is expanding to new hubs in Waterford and Limerick in 2013. Across all five hubs, the programme provides literacy support through paired reading and other proven interventions to over 500 participants aged 8-14 years old.

Inspire Events: As part of our Global Campus Programme, the Inspire events work to inspire and motivate a large group of students to engage with and increase their understanding of global issues. In 2013, a series of Film Festivals focused on Global Issues. will be taking place on campus in DCU, NUIG, TCD, UCC and UCD.

Global Issues Courses: These are 'Introduction to Development' courses that run for 2 hours, once a week, for 6 weeks on campus. These are no ordinary lectures, but are rather interactive workshops facilitated by development professionals featuring a mix of presentation, discussion and participation designed to explore some of todays most pressing issues.

Overseas (India and Kenya), our activities include:

Literacy and Education Programmes: Partnering with like minded organisations, Suas supports high quality education in communities in Kolkata (India) and Nairobi (Kenya). With an increasing focus on literacy as the key to quality education, the programmes aim to promote core reading skills amongst participants. Some activities focus on improving the capacity and skills of teachers in school, while others focus on what parents and other community members can be doing outside of school to encourage reading.

Overseas Volunteer Programme: Offering young people from Ireland the opportunity to support the education of children in our Partner schools in India and Kenya, through preparing them to work as teaching assistants while developing their leadership skills.