Why Literacy?

We define literacy as: the ability to read, write and use numeracy, to handle information, to express ideas and opinions, to make decisions and solve problems.

Helping children to develop literacy skills gives them the tools to break generational cycles of poverty and disadvantage.

Together, let’s make literacy a reality for every child.

We work with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each place we work, whether it’s paired reading, solar-powered tablets in the classroom, teaching assistants or teacher training.
Our solutions are sustainable, scalable and have a measurable impact on the children we support. We identify the communities in need of support and work with local teachers to identify children who need us the most.


Our volunteers provide one-to-one literacy mentoring to children in disadvantaged schools in Ireland.


Since 2003, we’ve directly supported over 12,000 children in India, Kenya and Zambia. We’ve trained over 1,100 Suas volunteers to work as teaching assistants in some of the worlds most marginalised, under-resourced communities.

You can make a difference in a child’s life

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